Our Mission

The Council for Retail and Sales (CRS) is a leading authority on issues and solutions that face the retailing and sales industries.  We will develop relationships, strategic alliances, and partnerships with stakeholders in these industries.  The CRS will also focus on connecting students to industry professionals.  We aim to generate positive exposure for the CRS and the retailing and sales industries.

Potential Future Activities:

  1. Regional College Student Competition
  2. A Professional Speaker Series
  3. Retail and/or Sales Industries Conferences
  4. An online academic/professional journal
  5. A resource for the news media seeking subject matter experts


  1. Partners on the Council’s board of directors enjoy increased visibility
  2. Increased exposure to potential high-performing students through outreach activities
  3. Networking for all members
  4. By serving as speakers, mentors, event participants, planners, or presenters, partners will learn from direct student and peer contact and interaction
  5. Companies will have a streamlined process for securing interns and employees
  6. Cross-consulting for members  
  7. FUN!!
James R. (Doc) Ogden 
Chair, Board of Directors
Elaine Thode 
Program Director