In 2009, The Center for Retailing Solutions (CRS) was formed under the direction of Dr. James R. “Doc” Ogden along with other academics and representatives of a few retail organizations.  The purpose of the CRS was to develop and foster a positive image of the retailing profession/industry and serve as a source of information and idea exchange.  In 2013, after Doc retired from Kutztown University, the center went dormant.  In 2017 Doc and other retail and sales professionals resurrected the council.

Since then the CRS has been associated with several community partners including Penn State.  The CRS is currently housed at the Business Division of DeSales University, Center Valley, PA.  Today the Council for Retail and Sales (CRS) is a leading authority on issues and solutions that face the retailing and sales industries.  We develop relationships, strategic alliances, and partnerships with stakeholders in these industries.  The CRS also focuses on connecting students to industry professionals.